Herandsholmen are not far from; Steinsdalsfossen at Norheimsund (left), the museum warf; Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter (above right) and the Hardanger Folk Museum at Utne- exhibiting “The bridal procession in Hardanger" (right).
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Herandsholmen - Attractions

Within short distances from Herandsholmen, you find several objects of interest in Hardanger.

The unique rock carvings
at Bakko in Herand (5 min. from Herandsholmen) is situated directly near the main road to Utne - approx. 150 rock carvings from the Iron Age display human bodies, fertility symbols, ships etc.

The water - driven gang saw
in Herand. (5 min. from Herandsholmen) was in regular use until 1970. Most of the material was used for ship building. The saw was restored in 1996 and listed. A mill house lies nearby.

The village Jondal
(10 min. from Herandsholmen) is easily recognizable due to its many Swiss style houses with slate roofs and well cared for orchards. The big church boat, intended for ten helmsmen, lies at the harbour from May until September and may be rented. In Jondal you also find a boat building school, one of the few left, in Norway.

The Hardanger folk museum in Utne
( 30 min. from Herandsholmen). A traditional village settlement has been recreated in the outdoors museum. Here`s a country store, a smallholding, an old ski factory, a mill house etc. In the boathouses you will find many traditional Hardanger boats. The museum offers guided tours both outdoors as well as for the permanent exhibitions such as; “The bridal procession in Hardanger", “Folk costumes and costume equipment", Folk music. “The Hardanger people at sea" exhibition emphasizes navigation, fishing and the ancient techniques of boat building.
The Summer exhibition is renewed every year.

The fiddler`s workshop
is part of the folk music exhibition in the museum. The fiddle maker Olav Vindal has been taught the art of fiddle making from his great master Håvard Kvandal (b.1910). He is considered one of the most skilled fiddle makers in the country. In the workshop they perform fiddle repairs and adjustments, as well as make new "hardingfele"(Hardanger Fiddle), on assignment, after model of the original ones.

The old settlement of Agatunet
approx. 45 min. from Herandsholmen is a listed heap village consiting of 30-40 houses from the Middle Ages until today. Towards the end of the 13.th century Aga was a knight`s yard. The knight Sigurd Brynjulfsson lived here, one of the king`s trusted men. Today, Agatunet is a museum.

The museumswarf "Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter"
in Norheimsund (approx. 1 hr. from Herandsholmen). gives you the chance to study the old boats and ships, and watch the various crafts being performed; Ship carpentry, boat building and ropes. The museum offers guided tours throughout the summer in Norwegian, English, German and French.
The cafeteria with its lovely atmosphere enables you to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together with homemade pastry.

The Steinsdalfossen
is located approx. 2 km from Norheimsund in the direction of Bergen. A path leads you behind the water fall, so that you can admire it from the rear!


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The harbour at the village Herand, w. grocery and gasoline station

Rock carvings at Bakko in Herand

The restored gang saw in Herand.

The fiddle maker at work in Hardanger Folk museum

The boathouse and the country store , fully equipped. (the Hardanger Folk museum))

The old settlement of Agatunet (Heap village).