From Herandsholmen one can undertake daily trips to the objects of interest in Hardanger and to the city of Bergen. The Barony of Rosendal (left), Kjeåsen in Eidfjord (above right), the Hardangervidda Nature Center (right).





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Herandsholmen - Excursions

Herandsholmen is a great starting point for daily excursions to the attractions in Hardanger and to western Norway`s main city, Bergen.

The 179 km long Hardangerfjord has great adventures of nature in store for you. Here you can watch the mountain farms cling to the mountain slopes as were they eagle´s nests. If you visit the fjord during the spring time, you can enjoy the view of thousands of fruit trees in full blossom. If you choose to visit the fjord during the fall, you may taste the juicy Hardanger fruit. All alongside the fjord one finds the pearls of nature as well as culture attainable by either boat or car, and one gets to see a breathtakingly beautiful scenery.

Some suggested excursions:

Hardangervidda Nature Center in Eidfjord (approx. 2 hrs. drive by car from Herand) is among Hardanger`s most visited attractions, with its exciting landscape adapted architecture, supervideograph and untraditional exhibitions focusing on the Hardanger mountain plateau`s landscape and animal life. The Nature Center is located at the foot of the famous waterfall Vøringsfossen, just before ascending Måbødalen and reaching the largest mountain plateau in Europe, “The Hardangervidda national park”.

In Tyssedal (approx. 1 hrs. drive by car from Herand) you will find the Norwegian Hydropower and Industrial Site museum (1908-1989). A listed, national cultural monument. Guided tours are offered in the power station. The museum presents a set of popular audio-photographic shows , by which you experience the industry adventures of Tyssedal and Odda in pictures, narrations, sound effects and music (Multimediashow).

The Barony of Rosendal, museum and cultural center (approx. 2 hrs. drive by car from Herand) is located beautifully between fjord, mountains and glacier in the outer part of the Hardangerfjord.
The barony offers a wide selection of experiences; Guided tours in the castle, concerts, theater performances by the Shakespeare- company Theatre from London, art exhibitions, serving of home made bakery in the “Thee & Caffe Salongen”, walks in the 300 yrs.old Renaissance garden with oceans of roses and a romantic landscape from around the 1850s. The Barony of Rosendal has its own interesting culture program for the summer.
Baroniet i Rosendal

For the active ones, Voss is an eldorado for exciting activities. (approx. 1.5 hrs. by car from Herand). Here you get the chance to prove your guts by parachuting, paragliding, rafting or tasting the local dish “smalahove” (cooked sheep´s head), a speciality in Voss. From Voss one can undertake the famous round trip “Norway in a Nutshell”- the railway to Flåm, the cruise on the Sognefjord and drive the facinating hairpin curves to Stalheim.

The culture city of Bergen (approx. 2 hrs. by car from Herand) is an enchanting, modern and very alive city with a variety of leisure offers. The famous Bryggen in Bergen is on the UNESCO`s list of the world cultural heritage, and directly nearby Bryggen lies the fish market. In Bergen you can take the “Fløybanen” (funicular) up to the mountain Fløyen, where you can enjoy a marvellous view of the city of Bergen. The aquarium is certainly also worth a visit, and so is Troldhaugen, the home of the famous composer Edvard Grieg.

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The famous Bryggen in Bergen

The Norwegian Hydropower and Industrial Site museum

The “Troll” train on its way down Måbødalen. The famous waterfall Vøringsfossen in the background

Try hanggliding or rafting at Voss

Edvard Grieg`s home “Troldhaugen” near the city of Bergen.